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WhatsApp Dark Mode All You Need To Know

Why Is WhatsApp Dark Mode The Most Trending Thing Now? Whatsapp is the most popular application in the world with more than 1.5 billion users. It adds new features to the app regularly for Android, iOS and desktop platforms. The Facebook-owned company is also working on several features in beta, some of which allow stable release.

Although Whatsapp provides many great features for users, some of them can make the app more interesting. Some of these features include dark mode which will work on WhatsApp.

Apart from this, we are looking at four other features that will make WhatsApp even more interesting and practical. Also, know more about WhatsApp GB.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

Dark mode prevailed on Whatsapp last year. Whatsapp beta has also been seen in dark mode. With Dark Mode enabled, WhatsApp has a dark gray background. Icons and headers are all highlighted in WhatsApp’s green specialty, while the sub-texts are visible in white.

Whatsapp darkmode

This feature is not available for Whatsapp on public beta yet. The official version of this is not known either, but as per experts it will be released very soon and change the necessary user interface for Whatsapp. The dark mode is available on the app like YouTube, Twitter, and Messenger.

Hide online status

Whatsapp gives users maximum privacy options on the app. Users can hide their previous previews and read receipts on WhatsApp. But despite these features being enabled, WhatsApp always displays users’ online status. Enabling this feature will give users full control over their activity on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp media

Full-size images

Whatsapp is the simplest and most convenient platform for sending photos. Over the years, Whatsapp has improved photo sharing with albums, contact shortcuts and an increase in the number of items. The one thing that is continuously is that the image resolution of the photo is low.

Whatsapp automatically reduces the file size of the photo, which reduces the resolution. Although it allows faster file sharing, the result is that the details are hidden from the photos.

WhatsApp full size image

Cross-platform backup

Using the same Whatsapp account on different devices is quite simple and fast. Whatsapp allows users to save their chats and restore them to the next device that they make switches.

Although this feature is very convenient, one of the problems is to switch from Android to iOS. On Android, the WhatsApp news discussion is saved on iCloud for Google Drive and iPhone users.

For users who switch from Android to the iPhone or vice versa, they lose all their saved chats. As Apple is very hard with user data, it is understood that chats are only saved in iCloud. However, this causes damage to cross-platform users.

WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp started testing UPI-based payments in India last year. Whatsapp still runs in beta and is expected to launch an official launch. Sending and receiving money is as easy as sharing a picture. In order to start paying on the app, users have to create or link their UPI account on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp has not yet officially deployed this feature so that everyone can use it in India. Whatsapp plans to launch its payment system globally.

WhatsApp pay

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