The 3 advantages of Artificial Intelligence 2020

The 3 advantages of Artificial Intelligence 2020

The 3 advantages of Artificial Intelligence that change our life or I can say the benefits of artificial intelligence in three points.

Today, AI is at the center of everything, be it with us by connected objects, in our work to help us be more productive.

“Innovation: more than a word, they are actions. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) we do not run, we do not run, we fly “- Microsoft, 2018. The 3 advantages of Artificial Intelligence is changing everything.

The future begins now!

What is artificial intelligence?

In simple words, AI is to implement a number of techniques that allow machines to imitate a form of real intelligence.

To increase its capabilities, the AI ​​can only work if the man remains at the heart of the machine.

Nowadays big companies cannot miss out anymore.

While in 2015 the artificial intelligence market was worth $ 200 million, it is estimated that in 2025, it will amount to nearly $ 90 billion.

 Artificial Intelligence

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

1. Artificial Intelligence simplifies our everyday life

Everything is done to save time. AI applications are multiplying and are there to improve

advantages of Artificial Intelligence

our daily lives. These simple tools are now part of our routine. An appointment to take? In a jiffy, you open your Outlook diary on your smartphone. A question? An interrogation? Intelligent personal assistants such as Alexa is there.

Everything is connected, everything becomes intelligent: from the development of autonomous cars to driving aids (emergency braking, assistance …), through our homes with home automation, or by our refrigerator, able to evaluate the remaining stocks of food, to monitor the state of the food or to establish a recipe according to the food present.

2. Artificial Intelligence makes life easier at work

A videoconference meeting with an interlocutor on the other side of the globe? It’s easy with Skype.

The automation of processes, the difficulty of tasks is increasingly provided by robots, which allows the company to gain productivity. The objective of the IA is to foster the growth of the five key industries of the country:

> Agribusiness

Real-time data analysis applications enable farmers to maximize yields and profits through the use of tools that take into account variables such as soil type and climate zones.

> Health

According to INSERM, AI applications can improve the quality of care. AI is at the heart of the medicine of the future, with assisted operations, remote patient follow-up, smart prosthetics, personalized treatments through the cross-checking of a growing number of data.

The 3 advantages of Artificial Intelligence

> The environment

According to Cedric Villani’s report, artificial intelligence can be a great tool in the service of the environment.

By optimizing the management of our resources, particularly energy (management of data center consumption) and encouraging biodiversity (reforestation by drones), AI can be a real environmental opportunity.

> Financial services

According to the banks, the AI ​​is revolutionizing the collection of information and relations between advisors and clients.

Artificial Intelligence tools will help to identify the preferences of the customers in order to propose solutions inadequacy with the situation and composition of the family, the age… the goal being to obtain a better satisfaction and the confidence of the customer towards his bank.

> Transportation

This sector is clearly undergoing the AI ​​revolution. Metro, taxis, trains, buses, shuttles and even freighters, ship or delivery drones … Beyond the car, about 20{c4fdd0da700085fb6f5d277ad8b45b977d9bbb3f89b61c15d3ca5f4461b70578} of our motorized objects will become self-sufficient by 2030, according to a study by Oliver Wyman.

AI makes our vehicles autonomous through sensors that recognize objects, obstacles, etc.

The car without driver and running on electricity is no longer science fiction!

3. AI makes data accessible with the Cloud

The synergy between the IA and the cloud associated with IoT is undeniably growing.

The competitiveness of companies also involves real-time data analysis (machine learning, BI, etc.). The power and flexibility of this hosting provide accurate information in real time.

Finally, the digital transformation of businesses also goes through this aspect. Today, only the Cloud seems to be able to support this scalability.

The Azure platform presents a wide range of productivity tools based on artificial intelligence, enabling you to create the next generation of intelligent applications where your data is stored in the smart cloud, locally and at the smart edge.

90{c4fdd0da700085fb6f5d277ad8b45b977d9bbb3f89b61c15d3ca5f4461b70578} of Fortune 500 companies trust the Microsoft Cloud for their operations.

To conclude

Cars, household appliances, smartphones, factories, online banks … artificial intelligence is part of our daily lives.

Technological advances are numerous. When about the jobs eliminated following the appearance of these new technologies, the answer is fast: new professions emerged, taking over.

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