Instagram for Android finally lets you delete unwanted subscribers easily

Instagram New Update 2020: Remove unwanted subscribers easily

Instagram New Update for Android, all you need to know. Jen Manchun Wong, who is constantly looking for the features that Facebook and Instagram are developing, today announces an interesting new feature for Android.

Also, the WhatsApp Dark Mode feature is going to release very soon.

Instagram New Update

The new option discovered on Instagram for Android allows followers to remove them directly from their profiles. It should be noted that this is a feature that was already available for iOS users, although Android has not yet arrived.

On Android, if you want to delete a boring customer, you must find it in your customer list and delete it from there.

The new feature allows you to remove someone from your customers when you visit their profile. A published screenshot confirms that they will not be informed of their removal.


The feature has been on iOS for some time, and Wong’s tweet suggests that it may be on Android as well. However, Instagram has not yet confirmed whether the feature will be available and when.

The feature essentially streamlines the process of deleting a follower from your list.

You can just go to a user’s profile and tap on the top right-hand corner to see a new option to ‘Remove Followers Correctly’.

Currently, to delete a follower you either have to go to your own follower’s list, find specific followers, and remove them from the list, or block the follower and then unblock them.

Separately, Instagram has recently launched a feature that will let you know “which accounts appear most in your feed and which ones you interact with the least”.

You only need to go to the “following” tab, you will see two categories: ‘most viewed in feed’ and ‘interact with’.

How To Update

If you are using Instagram, you will be able to update this app to access new features and make bug fixes.

There are several ways to do this, depending on the phone you are using. With an Android, you will simply need to access the Google Play Store and display the list of installed applications.

With an iOS device, you will need to access the Update section of the App Store.

You can also update Instagram feeds by simply swiping down on the app screen. This will allow you to load and view all new messages. Once you update an app, you will not be able to revert to the old version.

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