5 Tips For Focusing On What You Do

Tips For Focusing-I had already done an article on how to improve memory power. I bring you today’s other advice because one never has enough to be more productive! Let’s go for tips to focus!

1. Put your phone in airplane mode tip for focusing

If you receive a notification, you will be deconcentrated and as much tell you that to re-concentrate you will need a moment.

Put your phone in airplane mode

There are several degrees to avoid being reached by any notifications that could distract us.

For my part not receiving much SMS, cut the wifi is enough. But for some, airplane mode is the best way to stay calm. See what comes up most often and block them at the source.

2. Put away your desk

For optimal concentration, it is important to have a clean and tidy environment as your workspace represents your current state of mind. I advise you to tidy up your office at least once a day to avoid accumulation.

Focus while working

For my part, I do it as soon as it seems necessary. Pencil pot, cardboard folder, drawer, the box will be all your allies. There is one aspect that we do not necessarily pay attention to is airing your workpiece if you can.

We often think of doing it in a room but not in an office which is as essential to renew the air and energy that emerges.

3. Practice meditation

Tips for focusing

This technique has proven its benefits in many studies, so I have to tell you about it. Sure, I’m not telling you to practice meditation during your work time. It’s a bit, an invisible investment in the beginning but in the end, it will help you in the future.

You can practice it in a variety of ways including applications, YouTube videos, or in groups. For my part, I started with the application and I find it top! It’s intuitive, nice. It took me a while to get started, but once I started, I continued!

4. Work by sessions

There is a lot of work method but for me, the most effective was this one. If you are like me and the long work sessions are not effective because you go out in the middle, do not hesitate to shorten them.

The “Forest” app helped me really adopt short sessions of 25 mins. It is available on all connected devices. The goal is to plant a tree and see it evolve. Test and tell me what you thought about it!

5. Put a background music

Some work in complete silence, I can conceive of it and I happen to do it. For me, however, silence makes me think too much. To overcome this, I tested several techniques.

Tips for focusing

At first, I put Spotify with an already made playlist that is dedicated to the job. The problem of words quickly arose, it made me want to sing. I switched to music without words including “radio”.

The different tips for focusing that I give you are simple and they are the most effective that I have tested so far.

These tips for Focusing helped me a lot. What are your techniques? Do not hesitate to give me returns if you test them! Also, follow me on FB.

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