Hi! I am Vipin Tomdankar

Welcome to my adventure travel


A normal guy with dreams of creating a career to prove myselves to the people who thought achieving a degree is everything to lead a happy life, a guy who has interest in learning new things,exploring places and bringing the same to the people around him, experiencing each and every moment in life with positivity no matter how hard things are, who finds happiness in the littlest things of life.. “I learnt, I believed, everything is possible in this world!”

Here in this blog, i will be sharing my experiences about the places I have visited, the gadgets I have used or came to know about, Latest technology related information, beauty tips, photography related tips and many more which catches my interest, so that my experiences will help you out in any way possible.












Since, there are many blogs/bloggers about travel, photography, technology and different genres of subject and I myself being lazy to search them separately came up with an idea that why not try to add them all in a single blog which would make things easier..

So… Tadaaa! here I am with my first ever blog “Searchforit” with many interesting spaces to be covered..
Hope you find this useful.. 😊